Biden Gives Kamala Harris A Special Job (She’s Already Failing)

Pro-choice Democrats are appealing to Vice President Kamala Harris to be their champion after the U.S. Supreme Court was reported to be poised to overturn its landmark Roe v. Wade decision. But Democrats should keep in mind that this approach has previously failed.

The embattled vice president “is expected to have a larger role in advancing the Democratic Party’s political case on abortion rights before a formal decision is handed down,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

In response to a draft memo that was leaked, Harris seized her famed perch and declared, “This is the moment to fight for women.”

Harris said, “Opponents of Roe would like to punish women and take their rights away to make choices about their own bodies. GOP legislators in states throughout the nation are weaponizing the law against females.” 

“It’s time to fight for women and our country with everything we’ve got,” she added. “The rights of all Americans are in danger. If the right to privacy is lost, every person may be forced into a future in which the government may regulate your personal life choices. This is the moment to battle for women and our nation with all we’ve got.”

Many people were ecstatic to hear Harris’s combative statement, which was met with a favorable reaction from abortion supporters on social media, many of whom are incensed that the right to an abortion — which was conjured out of thin air in Roe — might be sent back to the states for debate.

They want to see the Democratic Party in Washington, DC, and around the country do more. The current proposal is to eliminate the filibuster and formalize abortion rights in federal legislation.

“This is an opportunity that the vice president must seize and lead,” tweeted David Rothkopf.

Wajahat Ali, a columnist for The Daily Beast, wrote: “Kamala Harris can take this opportunity and make it her own. She is the first Black woman to be named vice president… She may channel this energy and try to galvanize it.”

Others shared similar views on social media.

Although such beliefs have typically been silenced, the Times noted that “due to her gender and long history of supporting abortion,” Harris would be a “great point person” for the Biden administration to “vocally raise the issue during the midterm campaign trail.”

“She’s been a leader of the pro-choice movement for a while now,” said Karen Finney. “She is an incredibly important voice to discuss the impact that this will have on females — from a health standpoint, from an autonomy standpoint, and as the former attorney general.”

What’s the problem?

The problem for Dems is that Harris is historically unpopular and has failed to show any signs of success in her previous roles as vice president, whether it’s with Russia-Ukraine diplomacy, the border crisis, or managing the COVID-19 epidemic.

In reality, the prospect of Harris being named leader on the issue is likely to please Republicans.

Harris has been assigned the unenviable task of leading the federal response to one of the most complicated and serious issues our country faces. She responded by never going near the border, eventually releasing a vague “root causes” approach with no “detailed timetable or specific policy actions to be taken.” She now no longer works on that issue, but the border battle continues.

Last December, she caused a major headache for the Biden administration when she said that the administration “didn’t notice” a slew of virus variants “arriving.”

Harris recently embarrassed herself when she was sent to Germany to meet with key European leaders in an attempt to lower the risk of war and defuse the tension between Ukraine and Russia. She said that Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin had “made his mind up” to attack Ukraine, as well as implying that the United States would “absolutely” deter Pres. Putin from invading Ukraine.

Many of her senior individuals have resigned in order to preserve their careers as a result of her failures, which have resulted in a historically terrible 28% approval rating.

Now, she appears to be aiming to change her terrible vice presidency by swooping in and saving the day on one of the most important issues in American history.

Author: Scott Dowdy