Biden Gives Islamic Terrorists Free Reign Over American Citizens

President Biden tried to downplay the threat of Islamic terrorism in America. In his address to Congress this week, Biden said that white supremacists are the greatest threat to the country, even more so than radical Islamists. Biden also did not call Islamic terrorism by its name, but instead labeled it the “jihadist threat.”

This comes as Biden’s agencies have recently started going for conservatives with illegal searches for what seems to be political reasons. Biden also said that Islamic terrorists are far from the homeland even though he has a plan to boost the flood of refugees from nations which have an abundance of Islamic terror.

“ISIS and Al-Qaida are in Syria, Somalia, Yemen and other places,” Biden said. “And we will not ignore what our intel agencies have said to be the greatest terrorist threat to our country today: White supremacists. We will not ignore that.”

Security experts promptly refuted President Biden’s claims by stating that Islamic terrorists have killed thousands of American citizens inside our own borders.

Author: Steven Sinclaire