Biden Gives In To Military Pressure, Finally Takes Middle-East Action

The U.S. military went through with bombings against Iran-backed militias near the Syrian-Iraq border this Sunday at the order of President Biden.

The bombings focused on “weapons storage buildings” within Iraq and Syria, according to a report from Pentagon press spokesman John Kirby. The buildings were used by militia organizations like Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada (KSS) and Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH), according to the news report.

“As shown by these strikes, the President has been clear he will move to protect American personnel,” Kirby stated.

Iran-backed militias were targeted because of their ongoing attacks against American interests in the area.

“These strikes were necessary to deal with the threat and limited in scope,” Kirby said.

The Pentagon attempted approval from Biden back in May and were delayed twice before, until this Sunday’s announcement, a source close to the situation said. The airstrikes happened after a report of attacks against American forces at Iraq bases, the source said.

These attacks included a “bomb-equipped drone” and rockets, it was reported.

Pentagon spokesperson Jessica McNulty said that President Biden said the airstrikes “would protect American personnel.” She said the strikes were “needed” and “appropriate.”

“We always maintain the right to act at any time and place to defend our citizens; today was the correct moment to act,” McNulty said. “The President decided that action would safeguard American personnel, and that strikes were needed to deal with the threat and were limited in their scope.”

“These strikes were appropriate, and designed to stop the risks of escalation,” she said. “Through these methods, we want to make clear to Iran and Iran-linked militia groups that there will be severe consequences if they keep attacking, or arming, funding, and training these militia groups that attack Americans. We will take all appropriate steps to defend our personnel and allies in the area.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire