Biden Gives Illegals New Homes — Guess Where?

“Dreamers” will get home loans much more easily from the Biden White House. According to James Fulford of VDARE, the “Dreamers” — illegals whose illegal parents supposedly brought them here when they were kids — will now be eligible for home loans thanks to a change in FHA policy that was enacted right before President Biden took office.

Juan Carlos Chavez of The Tampa Bay Times said that the new policy “shows a change in attitude toward immigration by the Biden White House.”

The last administration did make efforts to limit immigration and remove DACA. Chavez said that “Dreamers did not qualify because of FHA’s interpretation of a 2003 measure from its Handbook: “Non-citizens without legal residence in the country are not eligible for FHA-insured mortgages.””

But Biden has made some changes, which Chavez highlighted:

Now, the agency says on its new forms that they “did not expect a situation in which a person might not have entered the U.S. legally, but would still be considered lawfully present.”

The government guarantees FHA mortgages, which makes it easier for lower-income people to get a home. Because of this backing, banks are more willing to give loans to people who have lower credit scores or smaller down payments.

In the end, DACA needs to be removed. Because as long as it is here, bureaucrats will always find ways to use taxpayer money to advance their social projects. That’s what open borders and socialism leads to.

Trump did not remove this program, but Trump should make it a vital part of his re-election campaign to end this program.

Those who care about preserving our institutions and a functional society should not avoid this issue. The current crisis growing on our border is a reminder why the immigration issue isn’t going away and must be dealt with.