Biden Gives Illegals a ‘Luxurious’ Welcome

The Biden White House has given $86 million to a Texas nonprofit organization to shelter over a thousand migrants inside hotel rooms.

The organization Endeavors said to reporters that the DHS “has partnered with Endeavors to give services to migrants.” The contract will supposedly last for six months, and money will be used to shelter 1,200 families.

The agreements come after officials warned that an unprecedented number of 117,000 children will get to the southern border in 2021.

Endeavors has been given a total of $178,100,000 from D.C. since 2011, with this most recent contract being their highest contract yet.

This January, the Biden White House changed the policy of President Trump by stopping the return of unaccompanied children to Mexico, which was put into place as the pandemic started. Border Protection and HHS have kept the minors in facilities in Texas, including one that people have claimed was holding “kids in cages” during Trump’s time in office.

The Biden administration will also let officials fly migrants to facilities across the northern border. GOP Rep. Lisa McClain said the movement was “deeply disturbing,” raising anxiety about the spread of coronavirus.

“These illegals are not being tested for Covid-19 before being let go into Texas towns and cities. We cannot let this occur in Michigan,” McClain stated.