Biden Gives ‘Final’ Warning To Election Auditors — But It Won’t Do Him Any Good

With audits happening in Arizona and Georgia, what looks like a spooked Dept. of Justice has sent a second tough-worded message to the states warning them that any attempt to verify votes which were cast in 2020 has the possible risk of violating the Civil Rights Act.

The hook the Dept. of Justice is using to excuse its actions of intruding in a state function is that the audit could hurt the civil rights of anyone, even someone who might have stolen the election.

At this same time, there is no doubt that the Gestapo sitting in the wings at Justice would jump at the chance, like flying monkeys, to intimidate and target state officials attempting to uphold state election laws which the Biden regime finds inconvenient.

Why is the Dept. of Justice trying to stretch the law in this way? Why do they even care for this audit which, according to the Democrats, won’t change anything?

2022 is a year that Democrats must win. If they lose the Senate or the House, then Biden’s team loses all power to force the changes they want on the nation. If they lose Congress completely, then Biden and his appointees should lawyer up.

Electorally, 2022 would be a hard year under any circumstances. If Pro-Trump districts in 2020 only elect a Republican representative, the House changes over to the GOP. We only need to take one seat to gain the Senate. Into this mix we have the border crisis, anti-white propaganda being forced upon school children and employees at the behest of the people in power, inflation is also going into low-earth orbit, the Chinese are getting away with whatever the hell they are doing, unemployment is high and a new normal, and all Biden can do is stutter about his butt getting wiped. Absolutely no one in either party thinks that Biden is mentally fit to hold office. No one believes Kamala Harris can be a good president.

The Dept. of Justice is signaling with this message that they intend to be the DNC’s Stormtroopers for the 2020 election. They will intimidate anyone wanting to look into voter fraud under the insane Civil Rights claim.

Author: Scott Dowdy