Biden Gives Christians a Peace Offering — Too Little Too Late, Joe

Conservative Christian schools are getting surprised by the news that the DOJ under Biden will “vigorously” guard the rights of religious schools to prevent an LGBTQ invasion at their campus.

Most gay rights organizations expected the boilerplate “defend the law” comment from the department. But in a court document in the Hunter vs. the Dept. of Education, the Biden Admin. reported that it “shares the same ending objective” as the Christian schools within the case.

At the center of it all are 40 LGBTQ students suing over federal money going to their schools even though they say they were discriminated against. The DOJ will now supposedly defend the law that gives an exemption to civil rights rules to religious schools.

LGBTQ groups are of course not too happy.

“This means the government is now agree with anti-LGBTQ hate to defend the exemption that causes severe damage to LGBTQ students with taxpayer money,” said Paul Southwick, leader of the Religious Accountability Project. The project sued in March. “It will make the case more difficult if the government intends to vigorously defend it.”

Meanwhile, the Council of Christian Colleges created a motion saying that the Biden White House could not be counted on to truly and adequately defend their religious beliefs, and “might be openly hostile to them.” Its motion then asked for the organization to be included in the case.

However, the DOJ opposed the CCCU’s motion. It stated that the Dept. of Education and the schools “have the same ‘ending objective’ … to protect the Religious Exemption as it currently stands.” They continued on to say their shared interests are “identical.”

This could be a strategy by Biden to forestall the council being involved in the lawsuit, believing they would give a truly “vigorous” defense for the exemption.

Biden could be playing both sides. Saying he will “vigorously” defend the exemption which he is trying to weaken.

The Justice Department will defend federal law. But it is also certain that the Biden White House has no interest in winning the case.

Author: Steven Sinclaire