Biden Gets Humiliated By His Own People

President Joe Biden has been ridiculed and mocked on social media following Stacey Abrams absence from Biden’s pivotal speech in the state of Georgia on voting rights.

Joe Biden announced in his speech this week, that he was fully supporting the campaign to end the filibuster rules in the Senate so they can overcome the Republican opposition to the partisan voting rights bill. Despite the speech being touted as a crucial moment for the Biden administration, Abrams was unable to be present at the speech, prompting many people to wonder if it was a snub of Joe Biden.

When Joe Biden was asked by a reporter this week if he was insulted by her having missed his speech, he denied the insinuation that Stacy Abrams had purposely snubbed him.

“I’m insulted you asked that question!” Pres. Biden joked.

“I talked to Stacey just this morning,” he said, “we have got a good relationship, we just got our scheduling all mixed up. Everything’s fine, we are all on the same page.”

Some mainstream news reporters were skeptical at the excuse Stacy Abrams gave for skipping the speech.

“As for Stacey Abrams missing the speech, it doesn’t seem plausible that they simply got their schedules mixed up on this event, it is too important,” said John Harwood.

“Politicians will show up for presidents when they enjoy 52% approval ratings, but politicians do not show up for presidents when their ratings might be in the 30s in a state,” stated Joe Scarborough.

“It is extraordinary that the pres. and vice pres. are going to Georgia to discuss voting rights and the most prominent Dem. and prominent voting rights groups within the state have chosen not to show up,” said Willie Geist.

Critics of Pres. Biden also jumped on the story to mock him.

“The ‘conflict’ is that Abrams wants to become governor, but Georgia voters believe Joe Biden’s record is terrible,” tweeted Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

“The fact that Stacey Abrams doesn’t even want to show up at Joe Biden’s speech that was about the allegedly extinction-level threats against our democracy coming from republican election bills should tell you everything you need to know about where this newest WH push is headed, which is absolutely nowhere,” responded Rich Lowry of National Review.

“Even radicals like Stacey Abrams do not want to be seen with Biden — embarrassing,” replied Kelly Loeffler.

Author: Scott Dowdy