Biden Gets Censored — By His Own Team

A DC virtual feed of President Joe Biden talking to lawmakers was stopped as soon as he said he was “glad to take questions.”

“I’d be glad to hear questions if that is what I’m expected to do, Nance,” Biden said to Nancy Pelosi. “Whatever you want.”

The feed was then cut after a momentary pause from Biden.

The video of the event has since went viral, getting over 1 million hits on social media since the event this week.

The feed’s abrupt end has received criticism and questions from people on social media.

The incident comes after reports that President Biden has not had a solo press conference in 43 days, which is the longest stretch for a president in 100 years.

WH press secretary Jen Psaki said last week that the President would eventually have a solo conference, but she did not give details on when that will be held.

“He will have a solo conference, but I do not have a date for you right now,” she said.

Additionally, questions have been raised about why the President’s schedule has yet to be published, there are no petitions on the White House’s website, and no visitor logs have been released.

“The steps they have made are welcome, but not enough,” said Alex Howard, an open government advocate. “They must keep showing their progress by having open meetings, disclosing data, and emphasizing that being ‘open from the start’ is not optional but an obligation across Washington.”