Biden Gets A Jaw-Dropping Visit From Pissed Off American Truckers

“Freedom Convoy” truckers are now expected to go to Washington this week as American truckers who are against Biden’s mandates push to copy their Canadian brothers.

Bob Bolus, who is the organizer of the convoys, said to the local D.C. media that their goal is to “squeeze” D.C. like a big “boa constrictor” to shut everything down.

“We will be going along the Beltway,” he said to WTTG-TV.

Bolus owns a towing and truck parts business in Pennsylvania. He stated he would travel to D.C. on Wednesday and go to the Capital Beltway.

There he wants to join other truckers that are going to D.C. this week such as “The People’s Convoy,” could leave California this Wednesday.

“I’ll use the analogy of a boa constrictor,” he stated. “That essentially squeezes and chokes you and then swallows you, and that is what we will do to D.C.”

Bolus said to WTTG he is unsure how many people will join with him but said he has heard interest from as many as hundreds of truckers.

The California convoy is now organized by a local named Marueen Steele, who said that around 1,000 truckers will start the convoy on February 23. She said more truckers will join in as they go across the country in a push to “restore our country’s constitution.”

Steele said this new convoy will start in California, and then go east along the Interstate 40, but she wouldn’t reveal the specific spot for security.

“The Canadian freedom convoy was organic when it started,” she said. “Ours, there is a month’s notice, so our worry is disruptive counter-groups finding us. We are trying to just get ready for the counter-protests and to take some precautions for this.”

A message from the People’s Convoy asks for the quick end to the national emergency about the pandemic.

“To our elected leaders that think they rule us: you need to be reminded that YOU work for US. The constitution was written to award enough power to work as needed, but not enough to take away fundamental freedoms,” the website says. “The people will see this challenge to its end — as we’ve done with all challenges to American Freedom before. And we will prosper and prevail.”

Author: Scott Dowdy