Biden Forced To Face His Biggest Political Fear

Many people, including Democrats, have commented on the runaway scandals plaguing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. From a nursing home cover up to over six, credible sexual harassment charges, the mountain of problems have triggered calls for the man to resign.

In fact, New York lawmakers are preparing an impeachment investigation as we speak.

Democrat senators from New York have openly called for Cuomo’s resignation, as have many other liberals. It seems like, for a party that always defends its own, the actions of the governor are too much for even them to bear.

But surprisingly absent have been strong comments from Joe Biden, who has been vocal in the past during other scandals. Biden was part of the “believe all women” camp, when it was conservatives being accused of wrongdoing. Now, suddenly, he has refused to give a firm stance over Cuomo, who appears to be an ally to his administration.

Now, during an interview, Biden was forced to give his thoughts.

President Joe Biden said that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo could face criminal prosecution following an investigation into multiple allegations of sexual misconduct…

“I know you said you want the investigation to continue,” Stephanopoulos said. “If the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign?”

“Yes,” Biden responded. “I think he’ll probably end up being prosecuted, too.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden refused to say if Cuomo could still be an effective governor, even though thousands died because of his decisions. Joe harped on his support for the “Violence Against Women Act” from years ago, as if that makes him an eternal ally of women (ignoring all those inconvenient stories of Joe inappropriately acting around women).

But Biden doesn’t seem to fully grasp the gravity of Cuomo’s situation. Investigation or no, the man needs to go. The nursing home scandal alone should have been the end of his career. The fact that a line of women has appeared, accusing him of harassment, seals his fate.

These are all credible accusations and while investigations need to take place, Cuomo can’t rightly serve with all this hanging over his head.

Biden refuses, again, to take a strong stand over the issue. Instead of joining his colleagues in demanding Cuomo’s resignation, the man still seems stubbornly devoted to protecting him. Only if the investigation “confirms” the claims, does Biden think Cuomo should be prosecuted.

No mention, by the way, of the fact that Cuomo’s actions forced COVID patients into nursing homes and homes for the disabled—leading to thousands of additional deaths.

Is it possible that the media is hyping up the harassment scandals to protect Cuomo? They might be thinking sexual harassment is not as bad as dead people.

Can you imagine being such a bad leader that harassment claims can actually protect you? God help New York.