Biden Forced To Admit Americans Are Now In Terrible Danger

The Director of ICE, Tae Johnson, gave a shocking confession about her agency’s management of illegals when he testified to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security.

Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson revealed that Johnson admitted that ICE is not keeping up with illegals once they get to the country. She also reports that the agency is not sure how many illegals are in Iowa or planning to travel there.

Hinson was among the lawmakers who was in the subcommittee hearing along with Johnson. She went to Twitter to show her disapproval with the Biden Team’s return to the catch and release.

GOP lawmakers have been urging Biden to change its words on the border, to guard Americans and those attempting to migrate. This is especially vital as the summer months are now approaching and Border officials are spending a lot of their time treating immigrants attempting to cross into the country illegally.

Author: Steven Sinclaire