Biden Forced Into Shameful Hiding After His Latest Failure

President Biden went back into hiding in D.C. on Monday as he cleared off public events from his schedule.

Biden went back to the White House from having another weekend staying at his Delaware house, but he did not work with reporters yelling questions about the end of his Build Back Better agenda or Democrat Senator Joe Manchin’s statement that he wouldn’t vote for it.

The president is now scheduled for lunch with VP Kamala Harris and to meet with his covid response team later on in the day as both events are not open to the media.

White House media secretary Jen Psaki will lead on the messaging at the briefing, as Joe Biden continues hiding to escape reporter questions about the future of his bill.

Psaki also was the point person for the White House’s response to Senator Manchin by giving an angry 700+ word comment condemning Joe Manchin for betraying President Biden.

Biden has not publicly or even personally dealt with the failure of his BBB legislation or replied to Senator Manchin, who stopped the future of the spending bill during an interview on Fox News.

This Friday, Joe Biden reminded Americans in a comment that Manchin had accepted a $1.75 trillion “framework” of his legislation in Sept.

“My team and I are having continuing discussions with Senator Joe Manchin; that work will keep going through next week,” he said in a comment issued in his name.

Manchin went on Fox News to tell the public he had no plan of backing the Build Back Better agenda.

“I cannot vote yet to keep this piece of legislation,” Senator Manchin said while on Fox News Sunday. “I just can’t.”

This comes at a time when inflation is causing higher grocery, gas and even rent prices in some places. As the Biden White House stays out of touch with the American people, we can only hope there will be good lawmakers in D.C. like Joe Manchin who will drag them kicking and screaming back to reality. But since this time there was only one Democrat who did so, things are not looking good for American working class citizens.

Author: Steven Sinclaire