Biden Finally Trusts Kamala With a New Assignment — Watch Her Fail Spectacularly

VP Kamala Harris has promoted government spending for charging stations and electric vehicles on Monday, showing the use of the car charger herself.

The VP visited a car charging facility in Maryland, just outside of DC, to promote the use of electric cars.

During her visit, she asked if she could plug in an electric car to see how it all worked.

After doing so, she commented about the difference between the electric charger and a normal gas pump.

“There is no sound or fumes,” she said, standing next to the car holding the electric charging plug into the car. “So everyone used to filling tanks, we usually smell and hear it, and you can hear this guzzling sound. None of this.”

“So how do we know it is really working?” she continued as she laughed.

The worker answering Harris’ questions assured her that the charger was doing as it should if it was plugged in.

“But how would we know this?” she asked. “Tell me how anybody would know this.”

The worker pointed out that this charger would then blink green until it was completely charged.

Harris talked about the vital nature of charging station equity, ensuring that rural and apartment building complexes would get charging stations.

“If you cannot charge it up, then it does not matter if you cannot drive it. Right? You cannot get to where you have to go,” she said.

Harris also pushed the idea of all electric chargers making use of the same plug to charge at various different stations.

“We are experiencing this when you are on your smartphone, right? At all the different plugs you may need for different types of devices?” she said.

The VP also delivered a speech on the White House’s effort to give a $12,500 tax credit for Americans who purchased union-made electric cars.

“Here is the bottom line – we want more American families to afford an electric vehicle that was made in America,” she stated.

The continued push for electric cars in America seems to be a top Democratic goal. The actual costs of quickly and forcibly transitioning America over to all electric vehicles is yet to be seen.

Author: Blake Ambrose