Biden Finally Admits His Socialist Dreams Might Never Come True

Isn’t it amazing? After only six months in office, Joe Biden has managed to tank America’s recovery?

His nonsensical “stimulus” bill from earlier in the year has contributed to worker shortages across the country, as well as rising inflation and numerous struggling sectors. Many economic experts have explained that you can’t just inject trillions of dollars into the economy and expect things to be okay.

Yet despite this obvious lesson, Joe Biden wants to dump even more “free money” into our economy. His desire to be the next, worse FDR includes pushing radical socialist programs that would drown the country in government welfare. Even with sky-high taxes, he can’t pay for it.

He managed to get some of his plans through with a supposed bipartisan infrastructure bill. But Joe claimed this bill would not be signed, unless his other costly plans (over $3 trillion of them) were pushed through.

That didn’t go over well with Republicans and a few Democrats. Now, even the White House is admitting none of this might happen.

The White House admitted Wednesday that Senate Democrats lack the votes to pass the $3.5 trillion reconciliation “infrastructure” framework agreed upon Tuesday evening…

“If there were enough votes for each of these priorities there would be a vote and it would have happened,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said…

The White House’s doubt about their own two proposals and system of reaching their goal comes as Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) on Wednesday criticized the reconciliation package as expensive amid increasing inflation.

The $3.5 trillion represents a top line budget number that encompasses many items self-designated socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) likes, such as expanding medicare, global warming initiatives, and suburb displacement with low-income housing, subsidized housing, subsidized childcare, and subsidized racial equity and environmental justice. [Source: Breitbart]

The bipartisan deal is already on thin ice, after Biden made it very clear he was going to use it as leverage to force the rest of his agenda.

But now, even Democrats are balking at the massively expensive plans Joe has rattling around in his brain.

Moderate Democrat from West Virginia Joe Manchin, who has long called for bipartisanship, is questioning how the government can pay for billions in new spending. With inflation rising out of control, he voiced concern about Biden’s reckless spending agenda. That strongly suggests Senate Democrats have lost a crucial vote.

Without Manchin, Democrats in the Senate don’t have enough votes to force through another reconciliation bill. Without that, none of Biden’s plans can go through.

What Biden wants to do is nothing short than a socialist takeover of the United States. Beyond just adding to the deficit and increasing inflation, his radical plans would destroy middle America, the suburbs, rising wages, and our global competitiveness. America would be thrown into the Dark Ages, with many people unable to pay for electricity.

More than just Joe Manchin should be upset about these plans. But the silver lining is that even Biden knows they are becoming more and more of a pipedream.

Let’s hope they die a very painful death.

Author: Timothy Graham