Biden Enrages Israel — Incites Possible Nuclear Strike

Israel’s Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi has sent out a warning that the nation is preparing a strike against Iran if Biden moves forward and rejoins the Iranian nuclear agreement, according to the AP.

In his speech at Tel Aviv University, Kohavi, who is Israel’s military leader, claimed that returning to the controversial deal would let Iran continue with its nuclear program which would be “an unacceptable threat and lead to nuclear weapon proliferation in the area,” the AP reported.

“I ordered the army to plan a number of new operations. These plans will be developed this year. Those who can decide to enact them, are our political leaders. But these plans must be an option,” Kohavi said. 

The 2015 nuclear agreement removed Iran’s economic sanctions in exchange for a promise from the country to limit their nuclear development and let inspectors into the country. Israel has accused Iran of breaking the deal and welcomed President Trump’s abandonment of the deal, which Trump often criticized before his reaching the White House.

An Iranian leader has also threatened a “decisive response” to any step by Israel after Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu promised to stop Iran from creating nuclear weapons. 

Meanwhile, Biden’s pick for Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, said during his confirmation hearing that America is “a long way” from going back to the nuclear deal and that Israel will be included in discussions moving forward.

Iran warned President Joe Biden that America has limited time to rejoin the agreement, according to reports from the Washington Post.