Biden Emails Filled With Violent Threats Against Conservatives

Image Source: Big League Politics

Hunter Biden’s longtime business associate has been caught telling Biden he wanted to punch conservative pundit Michelle Malkin in a 2011 email. The email was obtained through Hunter’s laptop.

Eric Schwerin worked with Biden since 2008, when he was President of Rosemont Seneca. Which is an investment company founded by the Bidens. Schwerin was even given an appointment by Obama to his presidential commission in 2015.

Malkin has called out Hunter Biden’s crony corruption before anyone else. She criticized his corrupt arrangement with Amtrak, which he got while his father was VP.

Hunter was even paid huge sums just for showing up to Amtrak board meetings. And it seems he also got hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments from contractors in exchange for setting up profitable contracts with Amtrak.

In 2018, another Hunter Biden associate and Rosemont Seneca partner was even convicted of defrauding a Native American tribe. Devon Archer’s conviction was reaffirmed by a federal court recently. And news has come out the he also served Burisma’s board with Hunter Biden.

The troubled Hunter’s associates seem to be terrible influence on the President-elect’s son. Who has allegedly struggled with drug addiction and criminal activity.