Biden Doubles Down on Ukraine Invasion Claims—Despite Lack of Evidence

When Biden gave his first press conference in nearly a year, he was asked about the troubles along the Ukraine border. Rumors swirled that Russia was poised to attack, as it was amassing soldiers near Ukraine. In a stunning act of weakness, Biden claimed the U.S. would not do much to stop Russia from attacking. That raised the alarm around the world that Russia would soon attack.

But weeks have passed, and it’s unclear if Russia plans an invasion. In fact, in recent days, it seems less likely that Putin has plans to attack its neighbor. That hasn’t stopped Biden from acting hysterical, he and his State Department. They even evacuated their Ukrainian embassy, stoking fear and confusion. Now, he is doubling down on his claims—and it’s getting suspicious.

Politico, a Washington blog, reported last week that Biden had been telling allies that Russian forces would launch a full-scale invasion on Wednesday, citing “a person familiar.” In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky established a joke holiday he branded “Unity Day” to show the world that Ukrainians do not fear another Russian invasion. No such invasion occurred…

Despite the lack of action after the White House’s first predictions that Russian leader Vladimir Putin could expand the Ukrainian invasion before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics began, and after the predictions of an invasion on Wednesday proved not to have come to pass, Biden asserted on Thursday that Russia would formally invade “in the next several days.”

Biden’s remarks followed claims from the Russian Defense Ministry that it had pulled troops away from the Ukrainian border. [Source: Breitbart]

So, no invasion came and Russia is withdrawing troops from the border. From all appearances, Russia isn’t interested in attacking Ukraine. (Let’s not forget Russia did attack Ukraine in 2014 but did not overthrow it). Yet Biden and his State Department keep claiming Russia is about to attack. At the same time, Biden has said he will not send troops to defend the country, nor will he help Americans evacuate.

What the hell is going on? The only person saying Russia will attack is the same person who says he won’t do anything about it.

It seems to me, that Biden overplayed his hand. At one point, it looked like Russia would invade. Biden jumped on that, as a means to distract from his countless failures at home and abroad. He couldn’t promise to send troops, that would contradict what he did in Afghanistan. But he was really hoping for a Russian invasion, so the media would stop talking about his inflation, worker shortage, rising gas prices, open border, and supply chain backlog.

Nothing distracts the media like a good old fashion war. And Biden needed a war, far far away, so nobody would remember he is a pathetic excuse for a president. But that war doesn’t seem to be coming.

Biden and his team are once again sticking to their script, despite the fact the news has changed. He needs Russia to invade Ukraine, to salvage his worthless administration. But Russia is apparently smarter than that. And they were only interested in intimidating Ukraine, not attacking them. The only people who look stupid right now, are Biden and his loser team.

And we haven’t forgotten his failures.

Author: Mac Davis