Biden Doubles Down On 2024, Despite Everyone Begging Him Not To

At this point, no one can deny Joe Biden is a failure. Even during the pandemic, the economy was doing better before Biden took over. We had a secure border. Afghanistan wasn’t in the hands of the Taliban. And inflation wasn’t out of control.

Biden’s tanking presidency was obvious to most Americans since the mid-Summer. His approval numbers continued to sink, especially after he issued his disastrous vaccine mandates. But even Democrats started to see the light, after Biden failed to pass his signature agenda, his massive spending bill.

If Democrats were smart, they’d be planning for a replacement before 2024. Yet despite all this, Joe Biden has doubled down on his pledge to ruin the country some more—I mean, run in 2024.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday said that he will run for reelection if he remains in his current state of health and that if former President Donald Trump runs in 2024 it will increase his “prospect of running.”

“Yes, but look, I’m a great respecter of fate,” the 79-year-old president answered. “Fate has intervened in my life many, many times. If I’m in the health I’m in now — if I’m in good health —then, in fact, I would run again.” [Source: Just the News]

Wow, this guy’s an idiot. He will go down as the worst, most-hated president in our nation’s history. Yet he is still pretending like running for reelection is a possibility. At this point, he’d be lucky to win an election to run a Denny’s. He refuses to acknowledge his utter failure and sinking popularity.

As it stands right now, well over 50% of the country disapprove of Biden. In some polls, that disapproval is almost 60%. A recent poll had his approval at a measly 36%. Most polls tell the same story. The man’s administration is a train wreck. Few Americans want this man to finish his first term, let alone try for a second.

And that’s not even factoring in how many Americans think he won’t even be around in 2024. He suggested he’d run if he was in “the health I’m in now.” That’s pretty sad, since so many think he’s not mentally or physically fit to be in office right now.

But the most hilarious comment comes in the form of his reaction to Donald Trump. Biden said he would be more likely to run again if Trump was running. The man actually thinks he could beat Trump in a re-match. That seems to suggest Biden thinks he actually won the 2020—and was not the beneficiary of widespread fraud.

The reality is, Biden is delusional and out of his mind. He is just a puppet for the far-left; he doesn’t even seem to be making his own decisions. It’s not really up to him if he’ll run again in 2024. The corrupt powers that run the DNC will make that decision for him.

Even now, he’s losing his usefulness to this party. They might try to get rid of him even sooner.

Author: Sam Jones