Biden Dooms Dems 2022 With New Push on Gun Control

Biden doesn’t really learn, does he? Everything he’s done so far as “president” has been the detriment of the country. We have proof that his decisions have hurt Americans in untold ways. But the pattern remains the same. He ignores the crisis he just made, to double down a policy that outrages Americans. It happened last year, over the Summer. Biden’s decisions led to the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Biden’s approval tanked. So, how did he respond? By announcing vaccine mandates that put 100 million Americans’ jobs in jeopardy. Brilliant. History is repeating itself. Democrats are facing a rough election cycle this year. Polls indicate they will lose Biden. Biden is coming off his failed attempts at handling Ukraine and Putin (yet another international disaster).

So, what is he doing next? Announcing presidential overreach by pushing for stricter gun control.

Democrat President Joe Biden renewed his push to ban semi-automatic long guns in a Monday speech that focused on what his administration is doing to crack down on Second Amendment rights.

“We need Congress to pass universal background checks, universal background checks, and I know it’s controversial but I got it done once, ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines,” Biden shouted…

The event was primarily focused on the administration issuing a final rule to curb the proliferation of so-called “ghost guns” which are privately made firearms that do not have a serial number and thus do not require a background check to obtain key components needed to build the firearm. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow, this guy really is an idiot, huh? His party is in the worst position imaginable. America is suffering tremendous economic problems, and they are blaming Biden and the left. Any Biden does from now until November can have an impact. So, he goes ahead and calls for radical gun control hated by millions of Americans.

He wants “universal backgrounds” which would violate Americans’ privacy rights. He wants to ban “assault weapons,” which is a non-term used by people who don’t know guns. And he wants to ban high capacity magazines, which would put law-abiding citizens in danger of criminals and shooters.

Do you want to now why presidents, even Obama, have such a hard time passing gun control on the federal level (as least in the last 30 years)? It’s because Americans hate it! We have so much gun control already, it makes people wonder if the Second Amendment is even respected (it’s not, by some people). The only real movement on gun control has been at the state level, where Democrats have forced a super-majority to pass insane laws.

Biden is dooming his party for sure with this move. He is overstepping Congressional authority to mandate gun control from the White House. It is COVID vaccine mandates 2.0. But it’s worse, because it strikes at the heart of one of the most important rights in the Constitution.

Democrats should be packing their bags.

Author: Moe Blow