Biden DOJ Exposed For Bullying Conservative Reporters


The Project Veritas Foundation is accusing Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors of lying in court to obtain access to the organization’s emails.

In November of last year, the FBI raided Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s home and two others working with the organization over Ashley Biden’s diary. Veritas attorneys released a letter Monday night containing information they claim demonstrates that DOJ lawyers used gag orders to hide critical evidence from the court that authorized the raids.“The government’s failure to admit its other privilege invasions makes a mockery of these legal proceedings,” Paul Calli said in a message to U.S. District Court Judge Analisa Torres, representing Project Veritas.

“The government already had in place methods for circumventing these preservative processes and breaching Project Veritas’s attorney-client privileges and First Amendment, the existence of which the prosecutors kept from counsel for Project Veritas and its reporters, as well as from the court. We believe that the evidence was hidden from defense attorneys throughout this lengthy process to ensure that it would not influence any judgments made by them.”

In what would be the latest in a series of political opponents of the globalist regime’s attacks, Veritas attorneys claim extreme misconduct by the DOJ in its prosecution against them.

“We have no idea how the government persuaded numerous Magistrate Judges to extend non-disclosure legal orders for an investigation that was already widely reported,” Calli complained. “Project Veritas had a legal right to know about these government assaults on the freedom of the press… The lawlessness of the government’s secret invasions of journalists’ [sic] communications erodes our democracy.”

We’ve previously covered Project Veritas’ efforts to reveal the elite’s lies:

“Project Veritas has published video of Pulitzer Prize-winning NY Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg admitting that federal agents were embedded in the Jan. 6, 2021 riot and that the fake media had lied about the existence of the feared election integrity protest.”

“On hidden camera, Rosenberg can be heard discussing snowflakes who work for The New York Times. He called the young reporters a slew of dirty words for their hysterics following the Jan. 6 protest.”

“It’s like Janaury 6th crap, but it’s also like I’m over it at this point. I’m totally sick of it,” Rosenberg added. “There were a significant number of FBI informants among the individuals who attacked the Capitol,” he said.

If proven, this would be another item on the long list of reasons why the deep state’s unethical alphabet soup organizations must be disbanded.

Author: Blake Ambrose