Biden Does The Unthinkable After Cartels Take Americans Hostage

A family from Texas has been kidnapped by a cartel while going through the northern section of Mexico, and there is a blatant silence on the abduction from Biden’s White House.

Criminals from the Los Zetas cartel are possibly behind the disappearance of Gladys Sanchez family. The mother and her children, ages 16 and 9, went missing on June 13.

All three are Americans, making President Biden’s silence even more troubling.

The kidnapping occurred after the family travelled from Sabina Hidalgo, where a sick family member lives.

Although the group had only 80 miles to reach their Texas home, they never got there. Family members got much more worried when calls to the family went right to voicemail.

The stretch of road they were using is known for cartel abductions and attacks. Many other roads leading into the United States in Mexico are also patrolled by narco-criminals.

Soon after the vanishing, Mexican officials gave notices and starting looking for the missing Americans.

While going for Americans seems like a huge move for lowly roadway bandits, cartels are getting much more bold in their crime.

Previously this month, cartels ambushed a line of ammo trucks which was filled with 7 million rounds of ammo heading for the United States. While no one was harmed during this heist, it energized the criminals and handed the group a large cache of munitions.

As these cartels take complete advantage of Biden’s open border agenda, the problem in Mexico has gotten so bad that Mexican locals have a bad outlook on any type of traveling.

“To use highways in the north is to breathe death., is the advice locals give.

What’s especially troubling about this particular disappearance is that the family’s American citizenship offered no protection.

American citizens going abroad can usually assume that a nation giving them harm would ultimately need to answer to the U.S.

However, the criminal groups that have been emboldened in northern Mexico by Biden’s agenda of allowing in illegals, have no concern. The Biden White House’s own obvious disregard for American laws can’t help but give the same type of mindset south of the border.

Author: Steven Sinclaire