Biden Destroys Lives Of 52K Americans

On his first day, President Biden destroyed about 52,000 jobs and reduced billions in wages as the nation continues to suffer through terrible unemployment caused by the covid pandemic.

GOP members from across the nation have already protested against Biden’s assault on Americans after he put an end to major sources of American energy.

“He got America back into the Paris climate agreement, allowing us to once again show global leadership,” W.H. Press Secretary Jen Psaki said. “And pushing the goals of the ambitious agreement.”

This Thursday, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel hit hard against Biden’s choice to counteract Trump’s work of putting Americans first. McDaniel went to Twitter to lay out several mistakes Biden has already made that put Americans in 2nd place. Moves like rejoining the Paris agreement and stopping the Keystone pipeline.

McDaniel claimed these actions reveal that President Biden kicked his administration off by placing the American worker in last place.

According to recent information, blocking the Keystone pipeline will cut $2.2 billion in payroll and remove 10,000 jobs. This fact is stressed by Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio), who slammed the order as a setback for economic growth.

Portman was one of the first to respond to Biden’s actions, urging him to re-think his strategy.

The governor of Alaska also spoke out against Biden for halting oil development programs in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Almost right after Biden announced his ban on oil and gas programs in the region, Governor Mike Dunleavy (R-Alaska) put out a message.

He said Alaska uses responsible oil and gas practices, adding that if Biden intends to stop all drilling on federally owned lands, then Alaskans’ economic future could be in trouble.

Dunleavy ended by saying he will use all resources he can to fight for his citizens’ access to good jobs and their right to pursue any opportunity possible.

Meanwhile, Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy hit back by saying these orders were not moves toward “unity.”

“You can’t get unity if your concern is the Paris Accord and putting an end to the Keystone pipeline,” he said. “Those are not the actions Americans want for unity.”

Going forward, GOP lawmakers are calling for an investigation of American’s membership in the Paris Climate Agreement, saying that Biden requires two-thirds vote majority in the Senate to rejoin the controversial treaty.