Biden Demands New Order – But Can’t Follow It Himself

During the election, Joe Biden vowed to push all kinds of new, strict mandates to “battle” COVID-19. Many argued that, even as president, he would not have the power to do much of what he promised. And much of what he tried to push would be challenged by conservative states.

Yet on Wednesday, he signed an order demanding everyone must wear masks while on federal land.

Most states have some form of mask mandates in place, while out in public. Despite that, positive COVID tests continued to climb through the Fall. Some might say that masks do little to slow infection rates, and a mask mandate is a pointless waste of ink on paper.

Joe might seem to think that do. Because as soon as the ink was dry on that order, he was seen not wearing a mask.

President Joe Biden appeared to not adhere to the federal mask mandate that he signed on Wednesday when he visited the Lincoln Memorial…

President Joe Biden appeared to not adhere to the federal mask mandate that he signed on Wednesday when he visited the Lincoln Memorial…

“Biden signed executive actions to require masks on all federal grounds and asked agencies to extend moratoriums on evictions and on federal student loan payments.”

Despite his order, Biden was seen late on Wednesday night visiting the Lincoln Memorial and not wearing a mask while he stood only several feet away from another person…

Photos that were available through Getty Images showed Biden addressing the media, all of whom appeared to be wearing masks, while Biden continued to not wear a mask. [Source: Daily Wire]

Once again, a Democrat is demanding we do something he refuses to do himself. Is Biden really that arrogant or is he a complete idiot? How can you sign an order demanding Americans wear masks—saying it’s a “patriotic act” to do so—but then immediately be seen not wearing one yourself?

Is Biden telling us he’s not patriotic at all? Is he saying he’s better than us and doesn’t need to follow the very rules he’s pushing?

Over the course of the COVID pandemic, numerous Democrats have demanded obedience to rules they refused to obey themselves. Nancy Pelosi was caught on video breaking San Francisco’s quarantine, not wearing a mask, to get her hair done. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, attended an indoor party with dozens of people, despite his own rules. City council members in Los Angeles voted to close restaurants—then went out to eat.

And that’s not even getting into what Michigan’s governor and her husband did or what the mayor of Chicago did in the streets.

If Biden wants Americans to take him seriously, he needs to stop saying one thing and doing another. He claims he’ll be so much better than Trump? Then why can’t he show it at least on the first day?

I think you know the answer to that.