Biden Delivers The Finishing Blow To America’s Economy

As the Biden White keeps telling Americans that current boost in prices on their necessities is only “transitory,” new inflation reports reveal the problem is getting much worse for Americans.

The Consumer Price Index went up last month by 5.4 percent when compared to the September in 2020, the fastest pace seen in 13 years and faster than economists had predicted.

“Over the past 12 months, the all items index went up by 5.4 percent before seasonal changes. The indexes for shelter and food increased in September and together made up over half of the monthly all products seasonally shifted increase. The measurement for food went up 0.9 percent, with the index for food at home going up 1.2 percent. The energy index rose 1.3 percent, with the gas index increasing 1.2 percent,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics says. “The all items index went up 5.4 percent for the 12 months that ended in September, compared to a 5.3-percent increase for the time frame ending August.”

For months, the Biden Administration has tried to play down exploding inflation, but almost everything Americans buy is getting more expensive.

The RNC has taken notice and is now saying the problem is from President Joe Biden’s economic policies.

“Prices are going up, real wages are going down, and Americans are struggling to return to work – all hallmarks of Joe Biden’s Build Back Broke program. With prices going up more than expected and families coming under the highest inflation they have seen in over 13 years, there might not be a worse possible time for Joe Biden and Democrats’ trillions in terrible tax hikes and reckless spending,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a comment on Wednesday.

The CPI numbers come after a dismal jobs report published last week.

Americans are suffering and Joe Biden and the Democrats are not even acknowledging this. In fact, they are doubling down and going further on the same exact policies that have led to this problem in the first place. Their only debate is about how much money to print, not about how to solve America’s deep financial problems with long-term solutions.

Author: Blake Ambrose