Biden Cringes As Supply Bottlenecks Cause Prices To Soar

Throughout this year, several problems contributed to a crunch on the supply chain. But only in August, the third quarter of 2021, did Biden’s administration bother to do anything about it. His head of the Department of Transportation was MIA—gone off on paternity leave. The best that Biden could do was force ports to run 24/7—which we now know did nothing to help.

This supply chain crisis was made much worse, thanks to numerous Biden policies. He paid people to stay at home, increased the cost of fuel, and pushed regulations that put a strain on all kinds of businesses. Now, the UN has crunched the numbers. And they don’t look good for old Joe.

The United Nations warns that global supply chain bottlenecks may drastically hike import and consumer costs….

The consumer products forecasted to see the most extreme price hikes include:

  • Computer, electronic and optical products — 11.4%
  • Furniture; other manufacturing — 10.2%
  • Textiles, wearing apparel and leather products — 10.2%
  • Rubber and plastic products — 9.4%
  • Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations — 7.5%

[Source: Daily Wire]

Just in time for Christmas, the UN announces that the supply chain crisis will result in a spike in prices for many consumer goods. High on the list will be computers and electronics, furniture, clothing, and plastic products. Those gifts were you hoping to buy your family this year could be as much as 11% more expensive, just as everything else from food to fuel is getting more expensive.

There is no mystery as to why this is happening. Issues overseas might be out of our control, but Biden’s policies are making things much worse stateside. He has been making it harder for American businesses to do anything this year. His regulations against the fuel industry are driving up the costs of transporting goods.

The federal government continues to have “work at home” orders, forcing delays at ports. Biden’s extended welfare means fewer people working, including truck drivers and warehouse workers. Other regulations passed by the administration will encourage more companies to ship jobs overseas.

And let’s not forget his vaccine mandate that—although being challenged in court—has already forced people out of their jobs since September.

What would things look like, under the Trump administration right now? Dare we dream? We know Trump was a master negotiator both at home and abroad. We can’t help but think he would cut through the red tape to get goods moving from overseas. And he’d move heaven and earth to see American companies pick up the slack, not to mention get truckers back on the road.

Can Biden do the same? Of course not. He is not a negotiator, nor a leader. He was a prop put into place by the liberal establishment to restore the status quo. When push comes to shove, he cannot come up with workable solutions to our problems.

But at least we don’t have mean tweets anymore.

Author: Thomas Anderson