Biden Cleverly Maneuvers To Destroy Conservative Parents

Hey, remember when that national school board group gave a letter to the Biden White House strongly suggesting that parents who get together to protest anti-white critical race theory at school board meetings are in fact domestic terrorists?

Turns out, a small email exchange obtained by a parents’ rights organization reveals that the controversial message, which caused the School Board Association to lose state members, was written at the request of the Biden White House’s secretary of education.

The group Parents Defending Education got the emails between the NSBA board members Kristi Swett and Marnie Maraldo in which the Swett said the message was written “from a request” by Sec. Miguel Cardona.

Swett, who is now the organization’s secretary-treasurer, wrote that Chip Slaven, who was the interim executive director, had “said to officers that he was writing a message to give information to the White House, from a request by Sec. Cordona [sic].”

The letter, given on September 29 by NSBA president Viola Garcia, asked “for federal law enforcement and other help to handle with the growing amount of threats of violence happening across the country.”

The part of the message that got the most attention, however, was this: “As these acts of violence and threats on public school officials have gone up, the classification of these terrible acts could be the equivalent of hate crimes and  domestic terrorism.”

The NSBA also said “extremist hate groups” were guilty of “inciting chaos” at school meetings and worried parents were guilty of “spreading misinformation.”

The letter was deleted from the NSBA’s website, as we reported in November.

One of the few examples the group delivered of “violence” on school board officials or teachers involved a man whose daughter was raped at her high school in Virginia, where many of the highest-profile school board protests have happened.

Nonetheless, the Joe Biden administration heeded this call, and A.G. Merrick Garland created a task force to deal with what Garland said was a “disturbing spike in intimidation and violent threats on school board members and staff who participate in the crucial work of running America’s public schools.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire