Biden Caught Intentionally Spreading COVID In America

Illegals looking for asylum at the southern border are being released into our communities after testing positive for Covid-19.

Reporters have spoken to asylum seekers released from custody who said they had tested positive for the virus.

“We were tested for coronavirus and they divided eight of us because we were positive,” one illegal said.

A large majority of border crossers who apply for asylum in the court system end up losing their cases, although they are here in the country legally until their claim gets rejected.

Migrants who admitted they tested positive for the virus also said at a Texas bus station that they planned to travel to communities in Maryland, New Jersey and North Carolina. NBC reported that officials have started testing migrants released from custody for the safety of the community, and since the tests began, over 100 border crossers have tested positive.

As much as 13% of migrants released from custody are covid positive, giving danger to bus drivers and transportation workers.

With states like Texas getting a grasp on the pandemic, it appears that a surge of border crossings are primed to bring the disease back, along with new virus variations.

Biden is more than willing to ignore the coronavirus as long as its for the benefit of illegal immigrants.