Biden Called An “Embarrassment” By His Own People

The Dem mayor of a Texas city along the southern border is slamming President Biden and the Democrats for their failure to protect the border, saying the deteriorating problem “an embarrassment for us as a nation.”

In a recent discussion with reporters, Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz said that his own political party was mostly ignoring the issue and abandoning border towns in favor of alternate interest groups.

With tens of thousands of illegals pouring into the nation every month — often times bringing in viruses and diseases — the mayor even accepted that things were much better under former President Trump.

“We must secure the border,” Saenz said to the Free Beacon. “It was working under Donald Trump, call it whatever you want, but it was working.”

Yet instead of dealing with the situation directly, Democrats have opted to push forward trillions new spending that does not do much to bolster border security or help Border Protection. Meanwhile, most of the burden of the influx of illegals is on small border towns.

“We are spending billions on other things but immigration is not even given priority. Border Patrol is not getting funded as they need to be funded,” the Mayor said. “Their workload has gone up three times or four, and yet they are not funded. So, this kind of makes me think the Democrats have the same mindset toward the Border Patrol as defunding police, generally.”

“The key, in the end, is removing the incentive to go through the border and try to get asylum,” the mayor said, adding that while he believes in asylum, it must be reformed.

To stop influxes of migrants coming through the border and overwhelming United States immigration enforcement, Saenz says we need asylum-seekers be processed from their nation of origin.

“If Biden does not come out with a virtual wall, people will beg for the wall, a physical boundary, simply due to the lack of attention on the border and especially given size of the surges we have seen,” Saenz predicted.

He accepted that a physical wall would “deter or buy some time for police.”

“It is really an embarrassment for us as a nation now,” he added about the ongoing crisis. “You know we can do it much better.”

Author: Blake Ambrose