Biden Bypasses Congress – Prepares Devasting Executive Order

The so-called moderate Joe Biden has been pushing far-left policies since his first day in office. Plenty of evidence suggests the man is not leading the country, but is simply doing the bidding of special interest groups and the progressive wing of his party. That has never been clearer than his approach on gun control.

There seems to be no attempts by Biden to protect or respect an American’s right to bear arms. Instead, he quickly called on Congress to ban “assault weapons” along with other strict rules. All of them, according to experts, would do nothing to end mass shootings or violence. But they will make it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire firearms.

There are several measures floating around the House that fulfill Biden’s wishes or go even further. But their fate is up in the air, thanks to the split Senate. Democrats are unlikely to win over Republicans for a gun control bill, not to mention the few Dems who come from pro-Second Amendment states.

So, what is a wannabe tyrant like Joe to do? Well, force his agenda through executive order, of course.

Democrat President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday evening the administration’s new far-left Executive Order aimed at cracking down on the Second Amendment, and the hiring of a new director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms who comes from an anti-Second Amendment group…

Biden’s new actions run contrary to his pledge to unite and heal political divisions in the country as tens of millions of law abiding gun owners will rightly see his actions as an assault on their freedoms. In the statement, the administration also renewed their call for banning so-called “assault weapons,” which is a made up term that refers to semi-automatic long guns, which essentially function the same way as pistols, meaning that a shot is fired every time the trigger is pulled. [Source: Daily Wire]

Much like Obama, Biden thinks he can shove his will down our throats by abusing executive orders. In this chestnut, he is trying to use the DOJ like jackbooted thugs, to find new ways of restricting our gun rights.

The order directs the DOJ, in 30 days, to propose a rule to stop the use of “ghost guns.” That is a term referring to the fact that people can buy parts for their guns and effectively build their own. Biden is also ordering the DOJ to make it harder for people to purchase a “stabilizing brace” for use with pistols. And the DOJ will be required to provide a model for “red flag” laws states can adopt.

As you might know, red flag laws give law enforcement the power to confiscate a person’s firearms, even if they have no history of criminal activity.

What’s odd about this order is that Biden is claiming it is built around “evidence-based community violence interventions” in “urban communities.” Once again, Democrats are seeking ways to make it harder for folks living in impoverished inner cities from having access to firearms. As Democrats defund police, encouraging violent crime, they also want to prevent law-abiding citizens from having the means of protecting their families.

Do Democrats want Americans to die? Because it really seems to look that way.

In any event, don’t be surprised to hear about this order being challenged in court.

Author: Joe Macky