Biden Breaks Silence On Cuba — But It’s Too Little, Too Late

Thousands of pro-freedom protesters went to the streets in protests through Cuba this weekend, demanding a stop to the Communist regime during the covid pandemic and an economic crisis. The crowd shouted, “Down with dictatorship” and “We demand liberty!” President Biden did not respond to these protests, and one of his State Dept. officials turned the truth around about the protests. However, Biden has now broke his silence.

“We stand along with the Cuban citizens and their demand for freedom from the terrible grip of the pandemic and decades of economic suffering and repression to which they have been forced to live under by Cuba’s dictatorial regime,” Biden stated in a comment on Monday morning.

“The Cuban citizens are bravely pushing for fundamental rights. These rights, including the right to protest and freely determine their future, should be respected. The U.S. calls on the Cuban government to hear their citizens and deal with their needs at this important moment instead of enriching themselves,” the president said.

Many Americans might take Biden’s statement with a grain of salt, given the increasing affect of “democratic socialism” within the Democratic party. In fact, the admin.’s first reply to the Cuban protest was not inspirational nor did it give anyone confidence.

“Peaceful protests are expanding in Cuba as the Cuban citizens use their right to peaceful assembly to show their worries about increasing coronavirus cases and medicine shortages,” Julie Chung, acting assistant secretary for the State Dept. Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, published on Twitter on Sunday.

Many Cuban Americans correctly excoriated Chung’s message, which put Cubans’ fight for freedom in terms of covid-19 instead of combating for their freedom.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio (Fla.) slammed Chung’s tweet and President Biden’s silence on Sunday evening.

“It is now nearly 10 p.m. Over 12 hours since 32 cities in Cuba, brave freedom lovers have went to the streets to protest the evil communist tyranny, and so far, not a word. Not a single word or comment from Joe Biden. Not a word,” Rubio said.

“What is so hard? Why are the Biden Admin. uncomfortable about coming forward and condemning this socialist and evil regime?” Rubio said.

Author: Scott Dowdy