Biden Breaks Another Presidential Record — Proves His Hateful Agenda

With establishment news media neglecting to look at the porous United States southern border in favor of pushing a return to the Afghanistan war, Joe Biden’s White House stands a greater chance of beating the all-time record for illegals flooding in during the current year.

Apprehensions at America’s southern border are strong signs of total levels of illegal movements, which are hard to exactly estimate. DHS counts encounters, which are events in which illegals are caught by law enforcement- increasingly to be let go into the public after being processed.

The level of encounters in the month were the greatest in 21 years, with 212,672 illegals caught at the border. August’s encounters have not been released yet, but Texas Congress-member Henry Cuellar hinted that DHS has counted a likewise record-breaking total of encounters during this month. The last time that two months set successive records was back in Feb. and March of the year 2000.

Some DHS and Border Patrol officials have showed optimism that August’s numbers were less than July’s, but the huge-scale illegal movement during the summer makes it possible to very likely that the record for illegal movement will be broken in this fiscal year. While fiscal year 1986 has the current record, as Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to millions of illegals.

With 1,471,194 total border captures or encounters this year, we would have to see 175,000 encounters in Sept. (the end of the fiscal year) to break the current 1986 record. Illegal immigration usually decreases during the fall months, but a month with a modest lowering from August would still break the yearly record of illegal movement. It is almost assured that this year’s apprehension levels will be in the top five of the highest years in America’s history- with well over a million from the year.

President Joe Biden has terminated and refused to bring back President Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which forced bogus asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their cases to be heard before being given the privilege of legal United States residency. Even Biden White House officials have said for the reinstatement of Remain in Mexico during the border onslaught, with the United States Supreme Court saying that the policy was ended unconstitutionally and forcing its return.

Author: Blake Ambrose