Biden Braces For Another Team Shake-Up

President Biden and top staff are now preparing for departures, as White House dir. of broadcast media Mariel Saez has just announced her choice to leave her role.

“It has been a real honor to serve the President as the Dir. of Broadcast Media, and I’m grateful to my dedicated and talented colleagues at the White House and across the government who worked with me to communicate President Biden’s priorities across the media,” Saez said in a comment to CNN, quitting after only one year in the job.

Biden has only done a small amount of broadcast interviews since becoming president office, usually embarrassing his team and himself with gaffes, lies and brain-freezes.

The president hit out at NBC reporter Lester Holt during a Super Bowl interview after the anchor mentioned inflation. In Aug., Biden made 20 mistakes during his interview with ABC News reporter George Stephanopoulos about his long-overdue exit from Afghanistan.

But White House comms. dir. Kate Bedingfield praised Mariel Saez for her work at the White House.

“She is a great talent and a great teammate, and we will miss her very much,” Bedingfield stated.

Saez’s choice to leave is just one of multiple people on Joe Biden’s team that are looking to make an exit.

CNN reports that “multiple White House officials” are now planning departures after Biden’s State of the Union address which happens on March 1.

Biden signaled that in January he was happy with his White House staff cabinet and expected no terrible changes, despite the record-low approval ratings.

“I am satisfied with this team,” he told journalists during a media conference.

This comes at a time when Joe Biden’s ratings are plummeting down lower and lower for a variety of reasons. One being the continuing open border agenda, which has led to millions of illegals being brought into America and secretly transported to red-states across the country to politically dilute the votes of white people. The other agenda is inflation, which has caused many Americans a great deal of financial hardship with higher gas, food and even rent prices.

Author: Blake Ambrose