Biden Bows To Iran’s Terrifying New Orders

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has issued a statement that he has “no doubt” that Biden’s administration will rejoin Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal and remove Iranian sanctions while appeasing the Middle East.

Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, echoed his opinion when he declared the quick return of Iran’s promises under the deal, if U.S. sanctions were removed.

On a televised speech, Khamenei said if U.S. sanctions can be lifted in the correct “Islamic” way, it should be done. Then going on to say to expected this from Biden.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran soared during Trump’s presidency as his people brought Israel and other nations closer together while punishing Iran for its rights abuses and support of Islamic terrorism across the Middle East.

In 2018, Trump pulled America out of Obama’s JCPOA nuclear deal with Tehran and reinstated punishing sanctions.

This deal was called the “crown jewel” of Obama’s foreign policy with Tehran. But Trump saw otherwise. Even going further by ordering an air strike near Baghdad airport which killed senior Iranian Qasem Soleimani.

And this past week Trump ordered the Air Force to fly their best Aircraft over the Persian Gulf to deter attacks from Iran. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar also joined in on this exercise.