Biden Blames Masks For His Presidential Failures – You Can’t Make This Up

Has there been anything more ridiculous than the government’s response to COVID-19? Early on, they were just providing advice for how Americans could stay safe: wash your hands, keep a safe distance from strangers, and stay home if you’re sick. Pretty reasonable. After all, we are grown adults, free Americans who can make our own decisions.

But very quickly, both the federal government and state and local governments decided they need to make those decisions for us. They forced working Americans into their homes, shut down schools, and burdened us with all kinds of rules.

Even now, with most of the country opened up, we are still forced to put up with lingering mask rules. In fact, even in states with no existing mask rules, businesses are demanding free Americans wear a useless mask, just to enter their stores.

We can argue all day over whether these face diapers do anything to slow the spread of COVID (I’d argue know, since people continued to get sick, even with these rules). But now, Joe Biden is lamenting how masks “divided” the country, even has he demands we keep wearing them.

President Joe Biden lamented Tuesday that wearing a mask to stop the spread of the coronavirus had become divisive in the United States.

“Masks have needlessly divided this country,” Biden said. “Masking, as directed, is a patriotic duty, but so is treating each other with respect and patience.”…

He encouraged Americans to get their vaccine shots, but he did not offer a benchmark for what it would take to end mask mandates.

“If we can continue to drive vaccinations up and caseloads down, we’ll need our masks less and less,” Biden said. [Source: Breitbart]

I’m trying to find another word than “idiot” to describe this puppet for the establishment left. No, idiot will have to do.

Idiot Joe Biden is crying that masks have “needlessly” divided our country. That’s your fault, idiot! We’ve seen very little evidence that masks do anything to help the pandemic. In fact, the so-called experts told us not to wear masks early on, saying they were only good if you were already infected. Yet even as Biden says masks are a problem, he tells Americans to continue to wear them until more people are vaccinated.

If the vaccination is so great, why wear a mask at all? Isn’t that the point of getting inoculated? Joe Biden got the vaccine months ago. Why is this moron still wearing a mask?

Clearly, masks are just a prop for the left to signal their obedience to their doom-and-gloom narrative. They want us to remain in a state of fear and panic over the virus, even though most Americans have long ago gave up on that story. We would rather live in freedom, with a risk of catching this disease, than huddled in fear, wearing filthy pieces of cloth over our noses and mouths.

But it’s nice to see Biden double-talking as usual. If anyone’s dividing our country, it’s him—a man who has reneged on his promises again and again, pushing the most radical agenda in our nation’s history.

Is there a vax we can take so we never have to see him again?

Author: Tom Anderson