Biden Announces He Will Confiscate Your Vehicle If It Meets This Criteria

During his speech that was drenched with sentimental family stories, Joe pitched his huge $3.5 trillion program that would fundamentally change America in ways that were not imaginable only some short years ago.

During his rambling speech which of course was mostly incoherent, Biden gave a vision of a future that would fulfill a long-time dream of Bernie Sanders, AOC and far leftists and a living nightmare for normal Americans who are already battered by his White House’s failed policies that have caused raging inflation, empty store shelves and an incoming Christmas season that could be unlike any before it.

At one point, Biden promised “We will take millions of vehicles off the road,” he said, “saving tens of millions of barrels of oil, working on cleaning up the air. This isn’t hyperbole; this is fact. These are the facts.”

Not once during his push for the White House did Joe Biden mention such an extreme policy which would have been a deal killer for millions of voters.

Biden’s terrifying future vision of an American tradition of owning vehicles and having unrestricted travel coming to an end came as he pushed for high-speed rail, one of Obama’s priorities that was never full-filed during his time in office.

He also yet again told the now debunked story of the Amtrak worker who, as he says, risked a Secret Service response by coming up to him to say his landmark of 1 million miles traveled via Air Force Two was less impressive than his rail carrier mileage. He said this encounter was 7 years into his time as vice presidency which means the event would have happened in 2015.

However, Angelo Negri who retired from Amtrack had died in 2014 and despite getting fact-checked when he told the story before, Biden did so yet again in Scranton.

Author: Steven Sinclaire