Biden And Harris Humiliated As Old Tweets Prove Their Incompetence

Russia invaded Ukraine recently. Russian troops went into the eastern part of the nation, where the two Russian separatist areas were recognized as independent nations by Moscow. Biden did not intervene. Oh no, wait—that is not fair. He put sanctions on them, which I am sure sent chills down Putin’s spine. Moscow understands it can get closer on this topic because Joe cannot do anything. He is part of the old Obama era, who were knocked around because everyone knew their hand. Joe is actually worse. Yet, he acted tough when it came to Russia during the election.

“Vladimir Putin does not want me in the White House. He does not want me to be the Democratic nominee. If you are wondering why — it’s because I am the only person who has ever gone toe-to-toe with him,” Joe Biden said in his tweet back in Feb. of 2020.

No Joe! In fact, he wants you to be in the White House…because he understands you cannot do the job. He has invaded. We are running away again. And all you did was…put some sanctions on him.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Biden and Putin would meet on the basis that Russia would not invade Ukraine. It was one of the ‘in principle’ agreements. Yeah, that is not happening. The Russians say there are no concrete decisions on their end, and after this invasion—it probably won’t happen.

Yet, meeting with the Russian president. Isn’t that a terrible idea? That is what Harris said in 2018 when Trump was in office.

“Trump should not meet with Putin. We must keep Russia accountable for the attacks of 2016.”

Yeah, none of these tough sounding declarations aged well. Joe Biden is one step away from being put into a retirement home and Democrats are not trusted on national security issues for a reason. We have two of the worst of them making the calls right now.

Of course, we are not arguing for war, as some neocons are always pushing for. Rather we are shocked at how lightly the Biden team has responded to the situation.

Author: Steven Sinclaire