Biden and Democrats Are Coming For Your Guns, Here’s When…

President Biden has pushed for an “assault weapons” ban after Monday’s shooting in a Boulder, Colorado store.

Politico says President Biden is urging lawmakers to enact H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446, which would enact universal background checks and increase the potential time a background check could last.

He also called for an “assault weapons” ban.

President Biden admitted he was making his remarks before an investigation on the shooter was complete, saying, “While we are still looking for more details, I don’t need to wait to take common-sense measures that will protect lives in the future, and to push the Senate and House to take action. We can ban high-capacity magazines and assault weapons in this country again.”

“I did that when I was in congress. And it was law for a long time. And it stopped these mass shootings. Washington should do it again,” Biden remarked.

Ironically, the DOJ’s Institute of Justice (NIJ) published a document after the 1994-2004 “assault weapons” ban and said that no decrease in crime happened as a result of the ban. Professor Christopher Koper, who was the author of the NIJ document, said, “We cannot directly credit the weapon ban with the country’s drop in violence. And there has been no see-able lowering in lethal gun violence.”

President Biden is also urging universal background checks using H.R. 8. But Colorado passed universal background checks back in 2013.

Author: Scott Dowdy