Biden Admits To Stepping All Over American’ Freedoms — Guess Who Helped

Speaking to journalists at the White House this Thursday, Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki went into how the Biden team and the federal government are seeking to flag Facebook posts which they view as “problematic.”

“We are flagging problematic Facebook posts that spread disinformation,” Psaki stated, referring to information regarding the covid-19 vaccine.

Surgeon General Vivek Murphy is pushing for harsh treatment for people in violation.

But what is problematic is this kind of censorship from the federal government.

Last year Facebook’s current CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent an email to Dr. Fauci offering him a partnership to police information about the virus. That led to the tech giant, at Fauci’s direction, to censor the lab leak theory. After one year of this censorship, Facebook has finally started allowing posts that talk about the lab leak theory, which is increasing in credibility, to stay on the platform.

“Facebook will not remove posts saying that Covid-19 was manufactured or man-made, a company spokesperson informed POLITICO, a move which acknowledges the new debate about the virus’ sources,” POLITICO said in May. “Facebook’s policy change comes as support increases in Washington for a complete investigation into the sources of Covid-19 after the WSJ reported about three scientists from the Wuhan Virology Institute being hospitalized in late ’19 with symptoms in line with the virus. These findings have restarted the discussions about the Chinese lab-leak theory, once said to be a conspiracy theory.”

As said before:

“Since Jan. 2020, Facebook has deleted hundreds of posts about the coronavirus, using “misinformation” as an excuse and pointing to “fact checkers.” Dr. Fauci was incorrectly downplaying the lab leak theory, the media said it was a conspiracy theory and Facebook, using Fauci as their “authoritative” source, set out to censor the topic.”

We now understand that Fauci had good cause to censor the topic because of his connection to funding the Wuhan Virology Institute, where scientists were doing previously banned gain-of-function research.

Also, Psaki’s comments come as the Biden Admin. tries to fight vaccine “misinformation” while pharma companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer continue to change their vaccine’s listed side effects.

Author: Blake Ambrose