Biden Admits He Has No Idea What To Do About His Crumbling Economy

When Donald Trump was president, he left no stone unturned working for the American people. He negotiated with major companies, foreign nations, labor unions, and more to ensure America was thriving. He said he’d put Americans first and he meant it.

Enter Joe Biden. Americans are faced with a number of serious crises. But it seems Biden is ignoring all of them, focusing on a toxic spending bill that is unlikely to get passed. We can’t help but imagine what Trump would do in the fact of worker shortages and supply chain struggles. And we all know what he’d do over rising gas prices.

The Biden administration was confronted over the surging gas prices. All Americans, especially working-class families, are being hammered by costly fuel. What did the administration say? They have no plans to help.

The Biden administration does not plan to address record high gas prices; however, it touted renewable energy options as an alternative…

On Thursday, a reporter asked White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the administration’s actions to “keep rising prices on oil and natural gas and gasoline in check.”

“We will continue to look for ways to relieve the burden of energy costs on the American families, but we have no announcement at this time.”

However, Jean-Pierre noted that the high prices underscore “the continued need to diversify our energy and fuel sources.” [Source: Daily Wire]

So, nothing, the administration is doing nothing to help Americans who are struggling, right now. The best this idiotic administration can say is we need to “diversify” our energy sources.

Oh, okay. I’ll just slap a few solar panels on my car and I’ll be fine! Do these morons even know what they are talking about? America has been “diversifying” into alternative energy sources for years. They don’t work. If they did, we wouldn’t be facing an energy crisis, right now.

Texas, historically known for its oil, was hammered in the Winter when a big freeze came through. Millions of people were out of electricity and heat, many died. Do you want to know why? Because about 25% of their energy came from those alternative sources. When the chips are down, solar and wind do not work.

Yet Biden claims that should be our priority. He is ignoring the immediate problem, claiming our salvation will come in the form of “green” energy. But what is he doing to help us get more of that? Oh, that’s right, more nothing.

His energy secretary recently insulted Americans, saying we wouldn’t be hurting if we drove electric cars. Yeah, because most working and middle-class Americans can drop $70-100,000 on one of those. Apparently the head of the Department of Energy doesn’t even know that electricity is generated by burning oil, coal, or natural gas.

This is just one of many areas where Biden is failing. He’s not even trying to remedy the situation or do what’s right for Americans. His administration is a joke, with approval in the 30s. Americans can’t wait to give him the boot.

Author: Joe Graham