Biden Administration Frantic After Seeing This New Covid Poll

Americans’ trust in President Biden to give accurate details about COVID-19 is at its lowest point during the pandemic, according to a brand new poll.

Just 45% of people say they trust Joe Biden to give accurate information about coronavirus, while 53% report they do not trust him much or not at all, according to a new Axios Coronavirus Index, done between September 24-27. Trust in President Biden has lowered substantially after the president took office, with 58% reporting they trusted Joe Biden in an Axios poll done between January 22-25.

Also, only 49% of people report that they trust the federal government to give accurate coronavirus information, which is down from 54% just two weeks ago.

“Delta and other topics have really hurt the public’s trust,” Cliff Young, leader of Ipsos public affairs, said to Axios, saying that the government not having a clear resolution about the pandemic and coronavirus restrictions have led to the decline in trust.

The results of the poll come after comments made by Joe Biden this Monday that 97% of people would need to get vaccinated before America returns to pre-pandemic life, a claim that baffled many medical experts.

Predictably, there is a huge partisan divide among trust metrics, with 81% of Dems, 42% of independents and 11% of GOP members reporting they trust the president to give accurate information on coronavirus. Biden’s falling numbers among independents has been the biggest, going down by 17 percentage points since he became president.

Less Americans are also viewing COVID-19 as a threaten compared to those who did previously in the pandemic, with just 13% saying gatherings with their family members are a threat to their health, and 12% reporting that eating in a restaurant is risky. Both of these numbers are lower by five percentage points from just two weeks ago.

The poll looked at 1,105 adults between September 24–27 and had an error margin of plus or minus 3.2 points.

This also comes at a time when the Biden Admin. is attempting to increase the number of Americans who are vaccinated using federal corporate-based mandates.

Author: Steven Sinclaire