Biden Accidentally Praises Trump During Speech

Oh, what a difference a day—and major election fraud—makes. Not long ago, candidate Joe Biden was critical of Donald Trump’s efforts to provide a vaccine for the China virus.

You see, it normally takes years for a vaccine to be made ready. That’s not just because doctors and lab techs are slow. Most of the time, they have to jump through hoops put into place by the government. All the regulations, fees, and burdens imposed by the Feds slow down the process. But Donald Trump cut through that red tape, putting a fire beneath private labs and government agencies.

The result is that we have three working vaccines for this “horrible plague.” That’s a record, if there ever was one. Yet, during the election, Joe Biden frequently criticized the vaccine development. He suggested there was no way a vaccine could be made that quickly. His running mate said she would never take Trump’s vaccine.

Yet last night, as Joe droned on and on about the virus and the need for all Americans to take the vaccine, he pretended like it was his accomplishment.

8:10 PM: Biden talks about Johnson & Johnson working with Merck to make vaccines, coming together for the good of the nation. He says they should be applauded for it. Biden then talks about vaccinators who will administer shots and establishing more places where people can get shots. He says he is working with governors and mayors in red states and blue states to set up vaccination centers. He talks about serving the hardest hit underserved communities. [Source: Breitbart]

Oh, so Biden loves the vaccine now? He appears so confident in the ability for this vaccine to work, that he said we’ll “beat that goal” of 100 million Americans in 100 days. Biden promised that all adults could get the shot by May 1.

That’s quite an about-face from October. It almost seems as if Biden was taking credit for the miraculous development of these vaccines. As he was the one who cut through red tape, worked with private and public partners, and kept the faith in our country’s darkest hour.

But he didn’t.

If there is any success from the COVID vaccines, it will be because of Donald Trump. Joe Biden can’t even tie his shoes, let alone lead a monumental operation to accelerate the development of a vaccine for a brand-new virus.

In fact, when Biden entered office, his team immediately botched the vaccination rollout. States weren’t meeting their goals, because his office wasn’t providing direction. A reported 20 million doses were lost, because the administration didn’t know what it was doing.

Yet today, Biden wants us to praise him because we might get 100 million American jabbed by May. Even still, he’s not promising a return to normal. He talked about “small gatherings” for the Fourth of July—maybe.

Not quite the triumphant speech he thought it was. If we can’t even go back to normal by July, then why are we doing any of this at all?