Bernie Turns On Biden In a Swift Underhanded Attack

Joe Biden was forced to compromise his big, socialist agenda and craft a bipartisan infrastructure bill. But he nearly torched his own plans when he revealed he would not sign the bill, if Republicans refused to support his other massive spending bill on non-infrastructure goals. The White House had to quickly walk back his statement, claiming he never said what we all heard him say.

Isn’t it odd how disorganized, confused, and scattered the Biden administration appears? It’s almost as if… it’s being run by a man who is losing his mental faculties.

The White House was able to put out that fire, leaving some Republican still singed and upset. But it looks like they have another crisis on their hands. Bernie Sanders pulled the same stunt as Biden, promising not to support the bipartisan bill, unless the other bill goes through.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made his position on the two infrastructure packages clear over the weekend, potentially complicating a bipartisan agreement.

The senator from Vermont tweeted, “Let me be clear: There will not be a bipartisan infrastructure deal without a reconciliation bill that substantially improves the lives of working families and combats the existential threat of climate change. No reconciliation bill, no deal. We need transformative change NOW.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow, these Democrats are pretty bold. Even though they have no power to get these bills passed on their own, they still make threats to Republicans.

How does Bernie not see that threatening Republicans won’t get this socialist agenda past? Republicans only signed off on this infrastructure plan, because they were able to work on it themselves. They have made it clear that they will not support Biden’s other plans, which include massive welfare spending that taxes Americans into oblivion.

Take what you can get, Bernie. By saying he’ll not support the bipartisan deal unless Republicans swallow something they openly oppose, is basically saying neither bill will go through.

Without Bernie’s support, there might not be enough votes to get the infrastructure bill through. And you better believe that after this, there will be plenty of Republicans who won’t support it, thanks to Bernie’s ultimatum.

There are several notable Republican senators who are not eager to spend nearly a trillion dollars, just to appease the left. Men like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz just might reject the bipartisan bill, if it comes with strings attached. After Bernie’s statement, several Republicans might come out against the bill, sealing its doom.

You have to wonder why Sanders would say this. Was he trying to torch both bills? Or did he think that Republicans would really cave to his bully tactics?

Wildly inaccurate statements like calling climate change an “existential threat” will not win over conservatives. And pushing a bill that will increase taxes on companies and wealthy Americans (which would end up hurting middle- and working-class Americans), is also not the way to go.

Perhaps Bernie needs a few more lessons on how to negotiate with others?

Author: Stone Johnson