Battleground State Reveals Stunning Truth About 2020 Election

In the days, weeks, and months following the 2020 Election, there was ample evidence that several states did not have accurate vote counts. Reports surfaced of all kinds of irregularities, not to mention unusual and downright shady activity going on in counting houses.

There were even signed affidavits from election volunteers from numerous states, asserting that officials were undermining the process—approving ballots that should have been discarded, among other questionable actions.

But despite outcry from countless Americans for a fair and transparent election, state lawmakers refused to challenge the results. Federal courts failed to even hear caseless, a radical reversal of nearly every other election.

Only now, after the damage has been done, are we seeing states do something about the many problems that plagued the 2020 Election. Some have passed laws removing those irregularities. Others are taking issues to court. And now, Wisconsin is finally taking a look at their shocking close—and questionable—election results.

The Wisconsin Assembly has passed a resolution authorizing an investigation into the 2020 presidential election…

In the end, Biden won by 20,682, or 0.63% of the more than 3.2 million votes cast.

The resolution, opposed by every Democrat, gives Republicans, who control the chamber, authority to issue subpoenas to compel testimony and gather documents, said Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, the vice-chairman of the Assembly elections and campaign committee. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wisconsin was one of those states where we learned about affidavits and other reports of “irregularities” that might have suggested fraud. They, like other key states, approved last-minute changes to their voting rules, that allowed ballots that would have otherwise been rejected.

Despite “recounts” that were held after the election, very little was done about the machines used to take the ballots. Plenty of news has circulated about the machines used in various states. One report revealed that the software used to count votes has a deliberate error in it, allowing a person to manually “reconcile” votes, meaning they can decide who you voted for.

Yet the media and our establishment leaders rejected any concerns over the results, in an apparently unified attempt to force Trump out of office.

We shouldn’t be surprised. The swamp had been fighting tooth-and-nail to get rid of Trump since day one. They impeached him twice, for crying out loud. We should have expected they would pull out all the stops to ensure they had enough votes to elect his rival—whether those votes were real or not.

It’s also suspicious that states are only now, well into 2021, looking into these election problems. Almost as if they are saying, “We let this happen in 2020 to get rid of Trump, but we can’t let it happen again.”

But the faith in our democracy has taken a serious blow. How many Americans want to vote next time, after all the nonsense we’ve seen? Unless Wisconsin can restore trust in their voting laws, I can’t imagine many people will be eager to vote again.