Bad Omen for Leaving Psaki–Last Biden Host’s Show Tanking

We learned a month ago that Biden’s underperforming White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, was leaving to host a new show for MSNBC. The news was met with controversy by liberal journalists, who cried foul over the obvious conflict of interest. Yet, keeping on brand, the White House has let Psaki continue to serve despite the conflict, another shocking gap in ethics for this administration.

Psaki has marked her time in the White House as a partisan hack that pushed politics and destroyed the office’s neutrality. She also frequently spoke instead of Biden and often had no explanation for the failing administration’s foolish decisions. But I guess she decided MSNBC had the greener grass, eh?

Not if we look at how the last Biden staffer is doing.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is set to join MSNBC after she departs the Biden administration this week, but she won’t be the first Biden alumna to host a show for the network this year. She’ll hope to have a better start, though.

That honor goes to Symone Sanders, the former Kamala Harris aide whose highly publicized weekend MSNBC program debuted Saturday with only 361,000 viewers and a paltry 29,000 in the advertiser-coveted 25-to-54 demographic. She did even worse on Sunday, reaching just 344,000 total viewers. [Source: Fox News]

What a shocker. A Biden goon is tanking in the ratings. Why did MSNBC think that a former Bernie surrogate, who pushed Biden over the left-wing edge, would be a winning news host? But Symone’s tanking ratings could be a sign that Psaki’s new venture, which hasn’t even started yet, is doomed to fail.

Even worse for Psaki is that she’s being relegated to MSNBC’s Peacock streaming app—whose only success has been leveraging old episodes of The Office. We can’t help but think about Chris Wallace, who ditched Fox News after almost 20 years to join CNN’s new streaming app. Which shut down in less than a month.

But can Psaki thrive when these other figures—including a man with decades of news experience—failed? Why not? She’s only a career government flunky with zero experience as a journalist, who covered for what must be the most-hated president since Nixon!

I guess Psaki can generate a crowd by talking about margaritas and kicking boxing? It’s not as if anyone will trust her coverage, considering she was just working for an administration she is supposed to be unbiased towards.

At this point, the liberal media is just a joke. It has become a revolving door for Democrats and D.C. swamp-dwellers. They don’t report the news, just spew whatever propaganda Biden gives them.

The silver lining is that most Americans are wise to the joke. And they clearly aren’t tuning in.

Author: Bo Dogan