As Predicted, Biden’s DOJ Will Not Stop Illegal Protests Against Supreme Court

Over the last week, abortion activists have protested outside the Supreme Court over the leaked Roe decision. Democrats quickly organized and posted the personal addresses of the conservative justices. Soon, radical extremists stormed the neighbors of our justices. The reason was obvious, to intimidate the court into changing its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

You might be thinking this is perfectly legal. After all, we have the right to peaceably assemble, according to the First Amendment. However, 18 U.S. Code § 1507 – Picketing or parading clearly forbids actions aimed at judges in order to influence a court ruling. Which is exactly what Democrats, including Joe Biden, are telling people to do.

And—big surprise—Biden’s DOJ will not investigate this clear violation of the law.

The pro-baby-slaughtering protests, chanting, and screaming outside the homes of six Supreme Court justices violate federal law, and Joe Biden’s attorney general refuses to enforce that law…

And yet, even though this is the law, hundreds of pro-abortion loons are flagrantly violating this law by doing exactly that: protesting outside the residences of six justices in the hopes of persuading them to rule a certain way…

Garland is pro-abortion. That’s why he’s not enforcing the law. This has nothing to do with principle. If it were pro-life protesters out there, you can bet Garland would have already rounded them up and thrown away the key. [Source: Breitbart]

Merrick Garland, Biden’s corrupt AG, will in no way investigate or prosecute pro-abortion activists who are breaking federal law. That’s because the left wants the protests and intimidation to continue, hoping the highest court in the land crumbles under the pressure.

Democrats make far too much money from the murder of unborn children. They have used this evil practice for years to expand their power and oppression poor and minority classes. The fact that Roe is only days away from being overturned represents a massive blow to the criminal organization known as the Democratic Party.

Keep in mind, that this is the same attorney general that was willing to brand parents “domestic terrorists” for simply questioning public school boards. An AG that refuses to enforce our immigration laws, even as violent drug cartels use our border as a revolving door. The same AG that prioritizes a “woke” agenda, along with every other branch of Biden’s administration.

But that doesn’t mean these protesters will get away with this. If Republicans retake Congress in the fall, they will be in a position to hold this corrupt administration accountable. They will be able to launch investigations of their own—and get to the root of these illegal protests.

Democrats think they can get away with this scheme. But it will blow up in the faces, as usual.

Author: Bo Dogan