As Hunter’s Problems Heat Up, Old Joe Is Demanding DOJ Charge Trump

It’s safe to say that Joe Biden’s got a lot of problems. Thanks to his failed leadership, the United States is much worse off than we were a few years ago. We know all about the historic inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, war all over the world, the rampaging open border, crime in major cities, and much, much more. On top of that, Biden will be responsible for the bloodletting the DNC will experience in this year’s 2022, as voters go to the polls to vote them out.

But that’s only the biggest of Biden’s problems. We all know the man is suffering from some form of mental decline. If not dementia, something just as bad. He can barely finish a sentence, let alone walk without someone else’s aid. Then there is the fact the DOJ could be filing charges against his son, corrupt scum bag Hunter Biden. So, perhaps all this and more is why he reportedly leaned on the DOJ to go after Trump.

President Joe Biden reportedly believes that former President Donald Trump should be prosecuted for crimes related to the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol last year…

He has gone so far as to voice frustration with the pace of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s investigation into the riot that has not resulted in charges against Trump, according to The New York Times…

On Friday, Garland was asked about potential political pressure he may be feeling to deliver results in the investigation into January 6…

As Biden reportedly wants more from Garland on the January 6 investigation, Biden’s son, Hunter, is under federal investigation over his foreign business deals, including deals in Ukraine and China. [Source: Daily Wire]

Reports are swirling that Joe Biden is “frustrated” because the DOJ refuses to prosecute Donald Trump over the Capitol riot from 2021. Despite a total lack of evidence proving Trump was involved, the idiot Biden still wants his attorney general to go after him. Reports suggest that Biden has tried to lean on Merrick Garland to drum up charges against the 45th president. But there is a good reason a partisan like Garland has refused: there is nothing to charge.

Even Nancy Pelosi’s bogus J6 “commission” has found nothing to show Trump connected with the riot. The FBI had already conducted investigations and came up with nothing. For Democrats to still believe that the 45th president was in any way connected to a group of idiots storming the Capitol shows the depths of their bias and lack of judgment.

But there is another reason Biden is pushing for this. He knows that it won’t be long before Trump announces a 2024 run. The moment that happens, that’s the end of Biden’s presidency. Even if Trump comes out in 2023, the media will flock to cover his campaign. Trump will dominate the headlines, once again. And Joe will be a lame duck in his first term.

So, he wants his DOJ to smear Trump with bogus charges, cutting off his chances of a comeback. But not even Garland can charge Trump when there is no evidence. Biden is once again out of luck.

Author: Moe Blow