Arizona Audit Discovery Just Made Every Democrat In America Squirm

Last week, leaks from the audit in Arizona, which happened inside Maricopa County, started to circulate. As we reported, the initial tally found more than 300 extra votes for Biden than the original number. But as we also said at the time, while that was surprising, you could expect that number to be promoted out of context and that there was more to come.

So did the strategy of publishing pro-Biden leaks to hide future revelations hold? Yes, it did, and reports included some serious issues about the ballots that were looked at. The Washington Post, as suspected, chose to ignore them despite claiming to have the whole document.

These procedures and provisions prove significant due to the audit showing that 15,035 mail-in votes in the county of Maricopa were from people who had moved before the registration deadline, another 6,591 mail-in-votes were from voters who had moved out of state before the registration deadline, and 1,718 mail-ins were from people who moved inside Arizona but out of Maricopa county before the deadline.

When you sign a voter affidavit that comes with your ballot, you are legally saying you live at the address that is on the registration. Is it really possible that all these mail-in votes came from people who had just temporarily re-located? I find this suggestion to be absurd. It is obvious that many, if not most of these were made illegally. Whether this was malicious or not, we’ll never know.

And while that does not give evidence of a mass conspiracy to steal the election, what it does show is that Maricopa County was very lax, to the point of illegality, in enforcing its voting laws. That’s the theme we saw all over the nation, including in the state of Georgia too.

It is just not possible that early votes rose by over 50% but that signature mismatches lowered by almost 60%. That fact points to insufficient policing of existing election law. Another issue is finding ballots where the affidavit was not signed at all. Per the state’s election procedures, these votes are invalid and should not have been counted.

We cannot change the last election, but we can work to secure our upcoming elections, at least within the states that the GOP controls. Do this and support turnout, and enough power can be won to hopefully stop what happened in 2020 from ever being allowed again.

Author: Steven Sinclaire