Are You On Biden’s List Of “Radical” Conservatives?

President Biden’s team announced their intention to create ways for American citizens to report radicalized family and friends to the federal government, in an attempt to combat domestic terrorists.

In a discussion with reporters, one top White House official explained the importance of preventing politically linked violence before it begins.

“We will seek to increase public awareness of federal resources to deal with troubling or threatening actions before violence happens., the official stated.

The official mentioned the DHS’ “If you see something say something” measure to help prevent radical Islamist terror as a possibility.

“This entails having contexts where friends or family members and co-workers know there are avenues and pathways to show their concerns and get help for those who have been seen to be radicalizing and possibly radicalizing towards violence., the official stated.

Biden started his presidency with a blunt warning in his inauguration about the “increase in political extremism, domestic terrorism, white supremacy that we must deal with and defeat.” On June 1st, Biden said that the threat from “white supremacy” was the “most dangerous threat to America today.”

The Biden White House said it would also partner with large tech companies on “more information sharing” to help fight radicalization.

“Any tech company often understands its own system very well., the official said. “But the government understands things — threats of violence — across many systems. They see the connection between online radicalization, recruitment, and violence in the real world.”

The DHS also wants to use “digital literacy and fitness” programs to help fight “bad content online that bad actors attempt to spread.”

The official reassured journalists that the admin.’s new techniques would stay “laser-focused” on preventing violent acts.

“This is a technique that is agnostic in regards to political ideology., the official stated. “What matters is when people take their political grievances and turn them into unlawful or violent action.”

Author: Blake Ambrose