AOC Whines And Cries About How Poor She Is – Guess How Much She Makes Annually?

It’s been a while since “Democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has come out and embarrassed herself. The self-proclaimed progressive has a long history of performing over-the-top stunts for the media’s benefit. But all too often, she deflates her own message, when it comes out that she has no idea what’s she talking about.

She is remembered for her idiotic stunt at the border when she cried in front of a fence with no one on the other side. AOC was mocked and ridiculed when she promised a “groundbreaking” proposal, to come up with the panned “Green New Deal.” And how can we forget when she attacked top banking CEOs about student loans—only to find none of their companies give out student loans.

But the uninformed and unprepared AOC is back at it again. She is campaigning to “cancel” student loan debt, complaining about the $17,000 she has to pay back for going to school. However, a few eagle-eyed observers pointed out how much money she makes a year.

In a recent speech on the House floor, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called it “ridiculous” that she needs to pay $17,000 in student loans — although her annual salary as a member of Congress is $174,000…

As noted by Foundation for Economic Education policy correspondent Brad Polumbo, Ocasio-Cortez earns more than double the average American household’s income. He also pointed out that if properly managed, her debt is, in all probability, very manageable. [Source: Daily Wire]

Once again, AOC proves she is the master at making empty claims backed with zero facts. While trying to champion the idiotic notion of canceling student loans, she whined about how she has to pay off $17,000 in debt. But given her congressional salary of $174,000 (not including whatever perks she gets from being a D.C. swamp dweller), she can easily pay that off in no time.

Experts pointed out her debt is much less than the average graduate’s. She is likely only paying $100-$200 a month, easily manageable for someone earning a six-figure salary. Most Americans who come out of college have a loan about twice that size—and can still pay it off over time.

But that didn’t stop AOC from playing the martyr over loans she willingly took so she could attend a liberal arts school. She even went as far as to say she never pursued “graduate school” because she didn’t want to rack up more debt. Again, that was her personal choice. Nobody was forcing her to take student loans at all. Nor was anyone demanding she not pursue a higher degree.

AOC is trying to make her bad choices the responsibility of the American taxpayer. Students take these loans, understanding they will have to pay them off. “Cancelling” what they owe would put the burden on hard-working Americans (since only the government gives out loans anymore). Some of them never had the luxury of going to college at all.

But that is AOC’s America, a place where entitled, wealthy people earn perks as working and middle-class folks are forced to pick up the slack.

And the left wonders why America hates them.

Author: Tom Smith